Exciting Times Ahead

Welcome to the companion website of Ontario Lacrosse Magazine, a publication dedicated to covering the sport of lacrosse in Ontario!

Published and distributed four times a year (Winter/February, Spring/April, Summer/July and Fall/November) by the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA), the target audience for the magazine is lacrosse fans, coaches, players, referees, parents and volunteers. Our goal is to provide information that expands the knowledge of our readers and to help lacrosse continue to grow, as it has, exponentially, over the past several years. Our business partnership with KAP Publishing Ltd. brings marketplace experience and a creative lens to magazine design, layout, editing and publishing.

Ultimately, the editorial mandate of Ontario Lacrosse Magazine is to cover both box and field lacrosse disciplines for boys and girls and men and women. We are dedicated to providing timely, well-researched and engaging stories, and toward that mission, we are open to any and all article ideas. The following is simply a taste of the type of editorial content planned for upcoming issues of the magazine:

  • Profiles of players, coaches and administrators - past and present;
  • Profiles of teams - past and present;
  • News and up-coming events from the grass roots, club and school levels;
  • Profiles of non-playing personalities in the game today;
  • Trends in provincial and national sport safety, administration and organization;
  • Expert opinions and editorials on how the game can be improved;
  • Insights on technical and rule interpretations;
  • Reports from provincial championship games and tournaments;
  • Reports from national championship games and tournaments;
  • Updates from provincial and national lacrosse meetings, awards and events;
  • Lacrosse equipment introductions and reviews; and
  • News on corporate sponsorships and partnerships in Ontario lacrosse promotion.

Alongside the launch of the magazine, this website helps highlight magazine content. Our online presence will help generate awareness of the magazine, profile some of our featured content, add value to our advertising partners and allow lacrosse enthusiasts to sign up for subscriptions.

As you can imagine, launching a magazine and website is a challenging task. To ensure the magazine succeeds, we encourage our readers to provide us with some assistance and feedback on how we are doing; what and whom we need to cover in their lacrosse communities; and how we can work together to create the best magazine possible. If you are interested in contributing to the magazine in any way (e.g., thoughts, suggestions, article ideas, etc.) please contact me at ron@ontariolacrosse.com.

All of us at the Ontario Lacrosse Association are extremely excited about the role of Ontario Lacrosse Magazine in the future of lacrosse in Ontario. We look forward to hearing from you; we hope you enjoy both the website and the magazine; and share our enthusiasm for the exciting times ahead.

Ron MacSpadyen